The Taste of Hibiscus

The Taste of Hibiscus is a chapbook by Trinidad and Tobago born writer Soyini Ayana Forde. This recording is from our conversation at the SO((U))L HQ in the summer of 2019. The recording features readings of 2 poems from the collection; a Hole in the Sack of Desire and Taste of Hibiscus.

Soyini blogs at Her work has been published in Apogee, Cleaver, Moko, sx salon, and The Caribbean Writer. Taste of Hibiscus”is published by Dancing Girl Press.

Lovers Rock; The Women's Enclave in the Land of Reggae

"Lovers Rock:The Women’s Enclave in the land of Reggae" is a mixtape by DJ Zanj Rracc available for download on Mixcloud.

Lovers Rock originated in the 1970’s, being born out of a well established and fervid London Reggae scene.The musical contentof Lovers Rock centered on the romantic, with stories being brought to life through lyrics that detailed experiences about love,heartbreak,friendship,infidelity,happinessand all the ups & downs that accompany relationships between men and women.

This mix features tracks by Jean Adebambo, Carol Thompson, Marie Pierre, Ginger Williams, Susan Cadogan and more.

Mosiah: A Red Tape in Future Time

“RED TAPE” (for short) is a sound project by DJ Zanj Rracc’s in commemoration of
Marcus Garvey’s earth day for August 17 2020. It is a haunting hollow of electronic static
that briefly redesigns the history of the future. It passes through the insignificance of past
realities that have become severe experiences today. “RED TAPE” is a lost voice
reverberating with nuisance, a loss of the last feelings of clarity as to what really is; and
what really is, has now become just another theory about the world.

Jean Binta Breeze live at the Poetry Society of Jamaica

Jean Binta Breeze is a Jamaican born British based Dub Poet. She was the featured performer at the Monthly Poetry Society Fellowship at the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts On Tuesday July 31, 2012.

Haitian Sound Diary Vol1

Take a trip with dj afifa around the world through her sound diaries. Vol 1 features sound recordings from a visit to Port au Prince, Haiti in December 2019 for the Ghetto Biennial.

Recordings include conversations with artist participating in the Biennial and recordings of radio stations in Port Au Prince Haiti.

This excerpt features an interview and performance by Olwitchneider Sain Clair at the Community Radio and Sound System project at the Ghetto Biennial


Excerpts of Winston Mcanuff and friends live in Jamaica

Excerpts of Winston Mcanuff and friends live in Jamaica on Saturday January 25, 2020.


  • Worm Bass 
  • Kiddus I
  • Linval Thompson
  • Oko Onuro
  • Jawara Ellis
  • Yaardcore
  • Kush Mcanuff
  • Nadia Mcanuff and many more

Recorded by dj afifa using a Tascam DR-40x Linear PCM recorder.

Almighty God

“Almighty God” features 5 recitals of the Jamaican Parliamentary Prayer.

Each sitting of the Jamaican Parliament begins with a prayer recited aloud by a selected member of Parliament. This tradition originated in the British Parliament in 1556.

This project is a part of the Jamaican Parliament Audio Database by dj afifa.

The Cover art is done by Isabel Dennis.


Spirit Desire

A multimedia project for a series of Photographs by Sokari Ekine

Music for Highways

A video project about road safety highways and music.

Excerpts from Dis Poem Wordz & Agro Fest.

Field recording from Dis Poem Wordz and Agro Fest 2019


Soundscape series featuring tracks from Bumpfoot.

Voice notes and Soundclips

A soundscape from the music and memory project.

The history of ganja in Jamaica

A nu-music track about marijuana in Jamaica.

Building Nations on Small Islands

A soundscape documentary about the island of Jamaica.

Power of the Pussy

A mixtape about the Power of the Pussy.

Church Wars

A soundscape documentary about Christianity.


A poem by dj zanj rracc produced by dj afifa

Nothing Matters

A poem taken from the Nothing Matters Collection

The body of a 9 year old girl

A news item about the murder of a 9 year old girl in Jamaica.

Dub Poetry mixtape by dj afifa

A dub poetry mixtape for the first annual Dis Poem Wordz and Agro Fest held in Port Antonio, Portland.

Grace Jone the Medium is the message

Audio documentary using sound clips and samples to tell a story about the life of artist Grace Jones.